Caliber Elevator maintains a staff whose expertise is Modernization. They are experienced in every type of system, including other manufacturer’s elevators. If you want professionals who know what they are doing, trust Caliber Elevator.

Our service is convenient and thorough. When you call Caliber Elevator with questions regarding modernization, you won’t get a high pressure sales pitch.

The parts and components we use to upgrade your elevator are the highest quality available. They are manufactured in North American plants according to exacting standards, so you know you can expect the durability and performance for which we are known.

Once you modernize with Caliber Elevator, you can look forward to years of durable and efficient service.

We work for you. Caliber Elevator, recognizes your responsibilities to your tenants. We understand that inconvenience due to renovation must be held to a minimum for tenants and visitors alike. We understand that you have other obligations. So we work with your schedule and within your budget.



The elevator interior is one of the most crucial elements of any building. No other area in your building will be so closely scrutinized. First impressions are so important. In this competitive market, acquiring and keeping tenants is no easy task. Let your elevator be your salesman, showing a landlord who considers quality and maintenance a high priority.

One Day Installations
  • ONE DAY TURN AROUND. A typical cab remodeling consists of removing the old interior paneling and ceiling and installing new ones. Toe kicks, handrails and pad hooks come pre-installed on paneling. Most cabs can be renovated in 8 hours as opposed to the industry standard of 3 days.
Quick Damaged Panel Replacement
  • Damaged or worn panels can be replaced without renovating the whole cab. Most panels can be replaced in one hour.
Custom Interiors
  • Most materials can be used on wall surfaces. This allows complementary use of materials as found in lobbies and entrances.
  • Installation and shipment. Off hours installation available to work around your tenant’s needs.